Life is a Series of Changes

October 21, 2014 Published by
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I was born in a large city in Northern China. The summers were hot, the winters were cold and a beautiful river crossed through the city. Before I came to Canada, in 2001, I was an electronic engineer. I lived in Saint John, NB for 10 years and graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2006. I moved on to work for one of the Big 4 firms for 6 years. Following my time in the maritimes, I decided to say good-bye and move to Toronto with my family and settle down at Hogg, Shain and Scheck as their Senior Tax Supervisor.

I passed UFE in 2008 and became a CA in 2009. My advice for all UFE students is to be technically strong. You don’t have to go through your university textbooks in great detail. Someone has already summarized these materials for you, such as Densmores. Spend at least 15-30 minutes a day reading these materials and you will be able to cover them in two months. Every time you practice a case, research and document the materials that you didn’t do well and go through them once a while. Finally, remember that the successful writers cover all primary indicators in depth and width, not just one topic in great details.

I enjoy the tax work at Hogg, Shain and Scheck because we have a variety of client profiles. We provide personal, corporate and international tax services. There are always opportunities to learn new things!

Life is full of changes, isn’t it!