Working Life of a Hockey Mom

October 14, 2014 Published by
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Balancing a career and a family is often a very difficult task. I am a busy mom with three boys and a career in public accounting. All three of my boys play competitive hockey, so you can say I am the proverbial “hockey mom”. My winter consists of working, then rushing home, cooking dinner and getting one, two or three boys off to hockey, usually in three different directions. Throw in busy season at work and this is a constant juggling act.

Working at Hogg, Shain, and Scheck Professional Corporation has allowed me to work flexible hours and therefore make the constant juggling act a little easier to handle. I can be seen at the rink with my laptop in tow, working away in order to meet deadlines and get the job done, before games and during practices. Working regular 9 to 5 hours would not allow me to be there for my boys. I am grateful for the flexibility and understanding of all the partners at the firm.