Take A Bite Out Of The Foreign Market

February 11, 2016 Published by
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We at Hogg, Shain and Scheck put together four proven practices to help you and your company attract your next foreign customer. Let’s take a BITE out of the foreign market.

Be aware of your Audience

Do research on your customer before your first scheduled meeting. Customize your pitch to their desire and be concise on what you have been asked to cover. Focus on what your company can bring to the table and always leave time to answer questions they may have.

Integrate into their Culture

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – be mindful of competition, latest economic activity, political challenges and cultural differences. Integrate yourself into their culture and know the general customs and legal implications of your good and/or service. There may be decisions to be made in terms of exporting into their country.

Tidy and Neat

The majority of customers hear too many sales pitches to listen to another lengthy presentation. Keep it tidy and brief. Tell them how you meet their criteria, how you are ready to invest resources to make the deal happen and emphasize why your offer is beneficial to your client.

Execute and Underline

Execute a memorable presentation and aim to exemplify a positive image of you and your company. Practice makes perfect. Record yourself and make adjustments to your presentation. If you can earn the trust of your audience then you are one step closer. End your presentation with a demo of your product or service. Leave a lasting impression to create suspense and to underline a visual impression on how the client can benefit from your offer.

Let’s claim a piece of the pie and take a bite!