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Hogg, Shain & Scheck is an accounting firm that proudly offers professional accounting services in Toronto, Ontario. Our seasoned accounting professionals create financial strategies that enable our clients to thrive. We enjoy working with innovative businesses that value success, hard work and personalized customer service.

Our Accountants

Our team is composed of uniquely talented individuals who excel across a wide array of financial services. We confidently deliver accounting and auditing solutions that build superior financial foundations for our corporate clients. Our clients benefit from accountants who strategically balance corporate and personal tax needs, enabling them to preserve more of their accumulated wealth. Our tax services team also caters to the accounting needs of international investors.

An Accounting Firm with the Experience You Need

Our boutique firm provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs who are looking for management consulting services in the Greater Toronto Area. We focus on the entrepreneur enterprise and its stakeholders because we believe in fueling exceptional ideas by providing models for financial sustainability, security and success.

At Hogg, Shain & Scheck, our clients’ goals are our priority. We encourage you to take the time to learn how we can help you maximize your profits and minimize your taxes. We are confident that our professional accountants will earn your trust by supplementing your ingenuity with cross-industry expertise and exceptional financial know-how.

It takes remarkable individuals and passion to start up, and run a successful business. Our accountants are equally passionate about providing you with the necessary resources to fuel the advancement of your company. We are intuitive to entrepreneurs’ financial and customer-service needs. We assure you that our values will align and together, we will attain your vision of success.

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