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Management Consulting Services

An accounting firm that can help you with planning and strategy, business management, and operational improvement

When it comes to seeking out consulting services, most entrepreneurs are driven by two needs: to improve short-term profitability and to build toward long-term growth. But finding a consultant you can trust to help you achieve these goals isn’t easy. Business know-how and a proven track record are key, but so too is the personal touch.

At Hogg, Shain & Scheck, our business management professionals work hard to tailor close relationships with clients to help them maximize profitability and minimize taxes. Whether you’re struggling through a cash-flow issue, looking to expand into new markets, or improve your productivity, our accountants have the know-how to make sound, dependable recommendations.

Our management consulting services focus on three core areas:

  • Business planning and strategy, including business decision making, succession and exit planning, expansion assistance, acquisitions and mergers, and transaction planning.
  • Business management, including entrepreneur guidance and profit analysis through CCH Profit Driver.
  • Operational improvement, including budget and cash flow analysis, corporate turnarounds, and measuring your results.

Growing your company is all about finding out what story your business wants to tell, and then developing the strategies to make it happen.

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