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Business Auditing & Accounting Services

The accounting professional that your robust portfolio deserves does not simply provide a financial statement at year-end. Your business accountant will go above and beyond, making sure that you have met your compliance requirements. They will strategize effectively and work diligently to become your trusted business advisor.

Do not settle for basic internal auditing and accounting services. Work with a Greater Toronto Area audit and accounting firm whose team members provide cost-effective recommendations that will help to strengthen your balance sheet and improve your bottom line.

At Hogg, Shain & Scheck, we work hard to be that trusted advisor to our clientele. Our accountants combine their education and experience to support growth-minded businesses in their achievement of financial prosperity.

We take a risk-based approach to audits and accounting, looking at everything from misstatements and management overrides to banking agreements and covenants. Our team of internal auditors and accounting professionals are there for our clients throughout the year.

Auditing & Accounting Services for Businesses

As corporate accountants, we offer two core competencies to our business audit and accounting services. They are:

Accounting consultation and corporate reporting

We make your business objectives our number one priority and dedicate the necessary time and effort to truly understand your business. Services include:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Financial Audit Engagements
    Our financial audit services provide the best means for you to demonstrate that your financial reports accurately reflect your company’s accounting and business activities. 
  • Accounting For Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurs can rely on our firm to discuss, interpret, & handle all of their essential financial matters such as measurement, expenses, risk, & receivables.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Filing
    We keep companies on track with their accounting & financial filing requirements.
  • Accounting Compilations
    We are experienced in providing compilation services to aid Canadian businesses of all sizes in tax planning & other planning activities so that they can build a more successful & profitable future.
  • Review Engagements
    Our review engagements provide a generalized overview of your organization’s financial situation while highlighting any inconsistencies or potential issues.
  • Notice To Reader Engagements

Governance, compliance and risk

Hogg, Shain & Scheck has the capability to assist you with the many facets of governance and due diligence, including:

  • Risk Management
    We deliver reliable and honest assessments of your accounts and risk management issues.
  • Internal Controls Audits
    We ensure that your business has the level of expected internal controls necessary.
  • Litigation Accounting
    We’re experienced in providing litigation support aimed at getting the best results for our clients.
  • Forensic and Investigation Accounting

Work with a Professional Business Auditing & Accounting Company in Toronto 

When you become a Hogg, Shain & Scheck client, you gain the benefit of timely and thorough financial statements, as well as regular access to our seasoned partners and managers. Our low staff turnover rate enables us to offer a consistent experience from one fiscal year to the next. Therefore, our business accountants gain in-depth knowledge and insight into your operations and earn their place as trusted advisors to your business. We work across a wide range of industries and have a deep pool of experience to address even the most complex auditing and accounting issues. If you are looking to establish a long-term relationship with a professional accounting company in Toronto, Ontario, contact Hogg, Shain & Scheck today.

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