Planning a Successful Sales Meeting

November 27, 2015 Published by
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  • Plan your meeting by setting the rules and desired outcome
  • Start on time and finish on time
  • Identify the meetings main purpose and plan your agenda accordingly
  • Always start with a review of the big wins or success stories – this puts everyone in positive frame of mind
  • Most sales meeting main purpose and plan your agenda accordingly
  • Setting company-wide sales goals for the components, for example
  • Announcing changes to the product line or other technical enhancements
  • Updating sales skills
  • Announcing charges to corporate policy
  • If you only need to discuss one or two of these items, you’re better to send an email
  • Discuss most important items first, then general topics
  • These meeting are a great opportunity for sales training
  • Sales training is no longer just about the basics (planning for sales calls, relationship building, cold-calling techniques and time management) What is it about?
  • Better techniques include trust-building, empathy and rapport, self awareness and motivated

For more information, see Jay Somerset’s ”Planning a Successful Sales Meeting,” Contact Winter 2008, 4 Mar. 2013