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HSS Academy

At HSS we’re dedicated to lifelong learning and we strive to make both personal and professional development fun and rewarding. Twice a year, we hold the HSS Academy: an innovative program designed by clients and leaders in the business world to support our staff in their continued growth and advancement.

Some topics covered in the Academy include: client service, negotiation, management and leadership skills. Each session is adapted to the current economic climate and forecasted trends in the business and professional environment.

The HSS Academy combines education and real-world expertise in our unique and comprehensive approach to learning. This all-encompassing approach provides our team with an variety of applied and theoretical skills to be leveraged when crafting personalized client strategies. The Academy provides resources, and training techniques to ensure that our staff can confidently provide top-quality service that is customized to meet the needs of each client.

Our invited speakers and coaches are clients and business leaders who offer thoughts and advice current challenges, real life experiences, preferred communication and information to meet our clients daily business needs.  Case studies are used to inspire ownership while teaching our accountants to creatively and diligently solve problems. This program is one of the many ways that Hogg, Shain & Scheck demonstrates its passion for personal and professional development through our commitment to lifelong learning.