Hogg, Shain & Scheck’s International Network of Professionals Continues to Grow

February 11, 2014 Published by
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Hogg, Shain & Scheck is proud to be a longtime member of MSI Global Alliance international network(MSI), a flourishing global association of legal and accounting firms. According to the Accounting Bulletin World Survey, released on 3 February 2014, MSI’s annual member growth is 12%. When compared to other professional services associations that have seen an average growth of just 3%, MSI again proves that its dedication to knowledge and professionalism is attracting a large quantity of the world’s top accounting and legal firms.

We are pleased to announce that, according to the recently published International Accounting Bulletin World Survey, MSI Global Alliance maintains its position as the 11th strongest international association. This survey, powered by Timetric, monitors and ranks international accounting networks and associations. With most associations reporting a 3% average growth, MSI delivers a strong performance reporting a significantly higher growth of 12% with combined fee revenues of US$623.9m for its accounting members.
James Mendelssohn, chairman of MSI, comments: “The growth [of MSI] not only reflects the strength of our existing members worldwide, but it is also the result of our continued efforts to recruit new, high quality members – 26 new firms joined MSI in 2012/13. Looking forward, we are continuing to develop our representation in key markets around the world and have recently admitted 7 new member firms to the association.”
Having such a strong network has assisted Hogg, Shain & Scheck in serving our clients more efficiently and effectively. Our accounting firm is able to source advice and best practices quickly from a number of international business resources. This diverse network enables us to leverage even more innovative solutions to address our clients’ accounting needs. We look forward to MSI’s ongoing growth and to accessing even more professionals in the future.

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MSI is a multi-disciplinary association of legal and accounting firms with member firms now having a combined fee income in excess of US$1.4 bn. With over 250 member firms in more than 100 countries, MSI has consolidated its position as one of the leading associations in the global professional services marketplace. This association privileges professional development, resource sharing, and the propagation of best practices.

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