June 5th Seminar: Nick Niemann- Innovation Can Make Or Break Your Business Model

May 31, 2013 Published by

Coming up in June another International speaker is traveling to Toronto to discuss the role of innovation in any business.

Join Nick Niemann on June 5th as he reviews the essential components of any business model.

His session will speak about how developing a clear understanding of the difference between your strategic plan and your business model leads to ongoing innovation and ultimate success.

Nick believes the ability to innovate can make or break your business model.  Business leaders need to continue to grow and develop their company through innovation in order to achieve lasting success.

Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of designing, updating and implementing business models
  • How to ensure an efficient business model for your company and your various corporate processes
  • Ways to adapt your business model to incorporate new innovations
  • Transition planning
  • Examples of business model innovation, ranging from start-ups to large corporations

For more information on this business seminar visit our seminar page here.