Coaching Workshop with Nick Forrest

October 27, 2014 Published by
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I recently attended a professional development workshop “Coaching – It’s the Manager’s Job.” Nick Forrest presented this workshop based on his company’s “SAGE” Coaching Model.  SAGE is an acronym for the four coaching steps in the model – Set Expectation; Affirm Reality; Generate Options; Execute Plan.  It is a tactical-level coaching model designed to address the number one management disease – avoiding uncomfortable conversations.

SAGE is based on one of the maxims of coaching – you owe your employees the truth.  This is achieved in the first step of the model – Set Expectation. The issue is put square on the table when you start the coaching process with clearly establishing what is expected. If the coach relaxes the tension by compromising on their expectations to avoid conflict, the employee will naturally fall back into old habits.

Effective coaching naturally introduces tension and this is a good thing, if managed properly. Maintaining creative tension sustains movement toward the desired end state. Great coaches facilitate and create change that unlocks potential.