My Contribution to Financial Literacy

December 11, 2014 Published by
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As the one-year anniversary of my work experience at Hogg, Shain & Scheck arrives I begin to reflect on all the things that I have done during the year.
In particular, I look back on my contributions to education. In addition to assisting clients as a full-time accountant, I have also started helping friend, family and acquaintances with various business and financial related matters. With this, I realized some of these questions were very common, such as the difference between leasing and buying a car. It then dawned on me that the question came from people who have never learned how to make educated decisions in managing their personal finances. This is called financial literacy.

It came to my attention that this is a major concern, not just for my friends or family, but also for many across the country. I was shocked at the idea that people did not understand how to make basic financial decisions. I realized, however, that business is not a requirement in high school nor is it a requirement in many university programs. So where are Canadians suppose to learn?

Besides people like me educating friends and family, the government has created a position for someone to address this issue and figure out ways to create programs to teach people to be financially literate. I am very thankful for all the knowledge and training that I have received from the firm that has not only helped me with my job, but has also helped me help those closest to me.