Hogg Shain & Scheck, A Great Place to Work

September 25, 2014 Published by
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I started working at HSS in 2011, my second year of university. While the majority of my classmates chose co-op terms at the “big four,” I chose to work at a smaller Toronto firm. This decision was definitely right for me. If you believe the quality of your performance is based on your work environment and the people you work with, then you’d agree that Hogg, Shain & Scheck is a great place to work and excel.

Strong work relationships and a positive office environment are very important to me. Working at a number of different companies, I have been blessed with several wonderful colleagues over the years.  Yet, I’ve never met anyone whom I get along with better than the co-workers I have at HSS.  The close-knit environment at HSS has given me the opportunity to get to know each and every one of my co-workers, including the partners! The environment and the company culture has really helped make me feel less like a robot who shows up to work Monday through Friday, and more like a like a human being.

What I appreciate most is that everyone knows each other and it’s never difficult to ask for help or advice. This benefit makes working at HSS a great place for learning, as everyone has different tips and tricks that can help you improve in various areas of your job.

I also want to mention that another part of my experience that I enjoy at HSS is my co-workers and I sharing accounting jokes (haha). That being said, dare I say I actually enjoy coming into work?