HSS team attends House Guests by CORPUS

March 1, 2018 Published by
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Last fall, the Hogg, Shain & Scheck team attended a play by CORPUS, one of the firms NPO clients. House Guests is an adventurous creation, hosted in the artistic director’s own home. The interactive performance took the team through David Danzon’s home, only to reveal ghosts, childhood games, fairy tales, dreams and much more mysterious and enchanting content.

The home was modeled into a museum of contemporary performances, featuring fourteen spaces. Each space was transformed with dance, performative installations and the Theatre of the Absurd. The team at HSS was drawn into the interactive performance through dance and literature.

After the creative work by the performers, HSS indulged in light refreshments and enjoyed the experience immensely. Click here for the trailer of House Guests https://vimeo.com/227507335