Living on the Fringe

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On January 14th, 2019, Hogg, Shain and Scheck attended Foreign Tongue, a Next Stage Theatre Festival performance presented by The Toronto Fringe, at The Factory Theatre. Both The Toronto Fringe Festival and The Factory Theatre are Not-for-Profit clients of the firm.

Foreign Tongue is a new musical by a Toronto-based, Yugoslavia-born writer, Lola Xenos, that shows the “New Canadian” experience from the point of view of a Canadian woman who has a stroke and wakes up with a heavy Russian accent. The HSS team was drawn to the performance and really appreciated the creativity and skill of the performers, as well as their vocal talent during the many songs performed by the actors and actresses.

Living on the Fringe Group Photo

Living on the Fringe Group Photo

Here are some of the feedback from the HSS team about the play:

“Foreign Tongue was one of the first play performances I’ve attended and I thought it was a witty and appealing musical. It also had some very good acting, singing, and portrayal of foreign accents.”

“The performers were excellent! I really enjoyed the musical aspect of the play.”

“All the performers are very talented, energetic and expressive. Some performers even took on a couple different roles during the play effortlessly. “Visnja” was one of my favourite characters in the play. She had a very strong and spirited personality and was able to fully embrace her character. There were a few solo vocal performances during the play. It is evident that many of the performers have a great vocal ability which did not go unnoticed by the audience.”