5 Ways Your Accountant Can Support You Through The Litigation Process

December 4, 2015 Published by
Post Categories: Tax Accounting

Litigation is a complex and nerve-wracking experience, and unless you have expert guidance on your side, your case can be under-researched and underrepresented. The result: financial loss and potential legal implications that can have a significant impact on your life now and in the future.

Your accountant can provide critical support throughout the litigation process so you can enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind. Here are just a few ways your accountant can help you:

  • Aid in the development of your case, by assisting in discovery and establishing the financial implications and framework. During the initial phases, your accountant also can review financial documents and apply forensic techniques as needed to establish a
    strong basis for your argument.
  • A conduct interviews with key people, collecting data and performing background checks to substantiate the information and evidence received.
  • Gather data and provide expert research and testimony, either in person, via report, or both. They can assist in negotiations, hearings or settlements when needed to provide critical support to your case.
  • When requested by your attorney, your accountant can review the testimony of opposing witnesses with regard to financial issues and allegations, critiquing an opposing expert’s testimony and report to establish a more robust and defensible case.
  • Perhaps most critically, along with your attorney, an accountant can provide you with a better understanding of the litigation process from a financial perspective so you feel empowered and

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