Get More From Charitable Donations with First-Time Donor’s Super Credit

August 26, 2013 Published by
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Donor Super CreditOur tax preparation clients in Toronto have asked us how the new First-Time Donor’s Super Credit works exactly.

According to Canada Revenue Agency:

“For donations made after March 20, 2013, qualifying first time donors may receive an additional federal tax credit of 25% on the first $1,000 of monetary donations, over and above the amounts provided in the first calculation below.“

For example:

For $500 of charitable donations in 2013, the first-time donor’s FDSC and CDTC would be:

First $200 claimed:$200 x 15%$30
Claimed in excess of $200:$300 x 29%$87
First-Time Donor’s Super Credit:$500 x 25%$125
Total FDSC and CDTC:$242


Or if you make $700 of charitable donations in 2013 and $300 of the donations are donations of money, the FDSC and CDTC would be:

First $200 claimed:$200 x 15%$30
Charitable in excess of $200:$500 x 29%$145
First-Time Donor’s Super Credit:$300 x 25%$75
Total FDSC and CDTC:$250


You can also use an online calculator from CRA’s website to get an idea of how much in credits you can expect.

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