Tax Services for Manufacturers

Manufacturers often operate on very thin profit margins. In Canada the manufacturing industry is highly competitive and requires extremely conscientious cash management to achieve success. Professional accounting services can help a manufacturing business streamline their operations, both reducing their expenditures and increasing their profits. By obtaining clear and accurate financial reporting, manufacturers can easily identify areas of improvement in addition to procuring funding from bank loans and investors.

Financial, Risk, and Taxation Advisory Services

Organizations cannot make educated decisions regarding their futures without accurate and timely financial reporting. There are a host of issues related to the importing and exporting of goods, especially when done cross border with the changing value of the Canadian dollar. A professional accounting services firm in Toronto like Hogg, Shain & Scheck will provide the following services:

  • Illuminate the risks associated with growth or expansion
  • Advising organizations regarding their tax payments
  • Reducing tax burdens
  • Currency exchange services
  • Advise on all profit margin issues that might arise
  • Comprehensive advisory services
  • Advise supply purchase strategies for cross border businesses
  • Help avoid and mitigate risk proactively
  • Cross border business advisory and consulting
  • Advise on cost of capital investment when related to purchases of goods, including equipment

Manufacturers will be able to reduce their tax-related expenses while growing at the pace that their finances can support.

Financial Recovery, Debt Solutions, and Restructuring

Occasionally, companies may find themselves with more debts than assets, and more expenses than income. Manufacturing companies can find themselves extremely susceptible to cash flow issues, especially in times of volatile supply and demand within their industry. At this time, organizations may need to seek out debt solutions or restructure their company so that they can pay off more of their debt faster. Professional accountancy firms offer consultations regarding the best ways to reduce expenses within an organization and ways to restructure their company without losing significant assets.

Technology Solutions and Streamlining

Accounting firms don’t just help with taxation and debt; they can also aid in streamlining an organization’s financial-related technology solutions. In manufacturing, internal controls are required both for logistics and distribution. An accountancy firm will be able to find the easiest ways to input and sync finance-related transactions, in order to provide more accurate accounting throughout the business. This can both increase operational efficiency and reduce administrative costs.

Internal accounting services may not be able to offer the full breadth of services that a manufacturing company needs to achieve consistent financial reporting. Organizations interested in improving upon the timeliness and accuracy of their financial reporting should contact Hogg, Shain & Scheck for a consultation.

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