Managing for Growth Series: Increasing Shareholder Value Through Focused Accountability

June 28, 2018 Published by

On June 21st, we were joined by professionals and business owners at the latest Managing for Growth seminar: Increasing Shareholder Value Through Focused Accountability. That morning Neville Joffe, the creator of the AME Learning System, taught us about an innovative and instructional approach that helps accelerate the teaching and learning of foundational finance and accounting to assist companies with their analysis and strategy through a variety of audience polls.

The AME Learning System is a strategy to help businesses avoid Silo Syndrome: that their only frame of reference relates to the responsibility in their department with little regard to how their actions might impact other areas of the business.

During this fast-paced, interactive session, Neville shared with us best practices while opening our minds to a new way of thinking about how Key Financial Indicators can be used as tools to drive the right behaviours in your organization.

Here are some key takeaways from last week’s seminar:

  •   How to incentive employees to drive the right behaviours;
  •   Ideas to establish a culture of accountability, resulting in an improvement to profit margins, sustainable cash flow and ROI;
  •    How profit margins affect your net income and financial stability;
  •    Will discounts harm or help your operations;
  •    Whether faster inventory turnover and collections of accounts receivable help or hinder your business;
  •    Determining realistic targets.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Increasing Shareholder Value Through Focused Accountability seminar! We look forward to seeing you at our next instalment of the Managing for Growth Series this fall focusing on the Not-for-Profit sector.